Removing Limiting Beliefs

One-to-One Theta Healing™ Sessions

Discover the transformative power of Theta Healing™, an energetic healing modality that combines focused meditation with the energy of the Creator to facilitate profound physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. Our One-to-One Theta Healing™ sessions are designed to harness this unique technique for your personal growth and well-being.

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The Power of Theta Healing™

Theta Healing™ operates on the principle of tapping into the theta brainwave state, a deeply relaxed state of consciousness. This state enables individuals to connect with higher levels of consciousness, making it possible to achieve energetic shifts effortlessly and at an astonishing speed.

Holistic Healing and Transformation:

Theta Healing™ is a versatile modality that addresses a wide range of issues:

  • Removing Limiting Beliefs: Uncover and eliminate deep-seated beliefs that hinder your progress and happiness.
  • Physical Ailments: Address and alleviate various physical conditions through energetic healing.
  • Chakra Re-balancing: Harmonise and balance your chakras for improved energy flow and well-being.
  • Energetic Blocks: Identify and clear blocks that interfere with your life force energy.
  • Cord Cutting and Energy Reclamation: Sever unhealthy ties and reclaim your energy for a renewed sense of freedom.
  • Finding Flow and Improving Intuition: Enhance your connection with your inner wisdom and the flow of life.
  • Ancestral and Dimensional Healing: Release inherited patterns and limitations from other dimensions and timelines.

Theta Healing™ Initial Consultation:

The journey begins with an initial consultation, lasting approximately 15 minutes. This session is crucial for establishing whether Theta Healing™ is a suitable approach for your issue.

Theta Healing™ Session:

A Theta Healing™ session involves exploring your deep-seated fears, through insightful questioning. This process, aided by simple kinesiology muscle testing, uncovers and confirms underlying negative beliefs. We then extract the negative beliefs restricting your progress. and replace them with new, positive, and practical beliefs. To ensure the transformation, a simple kinesiology muscle test is conducted, verifying the removal of the old negative belief from your subconscious and the successful installation of a new, positive one.


Individuals who experience Theta Healing™ often report a profound sense of release, clarity, and rejuvenation. This modality not only addresses specific issues but also promotes an overall sense of balance and harmony, enhancing your connection with yourself and the universe.


  • The cost for a single Theta Healing™ session is £145.
  • Included in the session is a complimentary after-care session, approximately 30 minutes long, to ensure the integration and effectiveness of the healing.


  • Each Theta Healing™ session lasts approximately 60 minutes, providing ample time for deep energetic work.
  • A minimum of two sessions is recommended to fully experience the benefits and to allow for a comprehensive healing process.

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