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On this page, you’ll find heartfelt Hummingbird Naturopath Reviews from individuals who have embarked on their journey of self-discovery and healing with us. Each story is a testament to the power of Belief Coding®, Mind Navigation™, Theta Healing™, and Nutritional Therapy. These reviews not only reflect the profound personal changes and breakthroughs experienced by our clients but also serve as an inspiration for what is possible. Read on to discover how these holistic modalities have nurtured and transformed lives, providing a path to greater well-being and balance.

What our Clients Say

Hummingbird Naturopath Reviews

Kris, 50, Manchester, May 2023
6-Week Nutrition Re-Set Programme

I originally saw Emmie for help with a skin condition called urticaria that I was taking anti-histamines for daily, this was having an impact on both my mental and physical health and the side effects from the medication were not pleasant. Emmie’s approach, knowledge and understanding blew me away. The connections she was able to make from the significant events in my life to my health now was astonishing. She then drew up 3 treatment plans that addressed these issues through eliminating, repairing and nourishing. Emmie was also able to identify other modalities that would help and complement the work I was completing with her.

I have now more knowledge of what my body needs and this completely supports not just my physical health but has massively improved my mental health. I no longer have symptoms that have bothered me for years, any IBS I had has disappeared, the symptoms of urticaria are minimal and I no longer take medication daily. I would highly recommend Emmie, her knowledge is outstanding, she certainly made me feel like I was in safe hands and the whole experience was massively positive.

Lucy, 39, Lancashire, June 2023
6-Week Nutrition Re-Set Programme

After suffering for years with various health issues including arthritis in my toe, sinus headaches and gut issues I went to Emmie for help.

Immediately I was blown away at Emmies extremely thorough initial consultation with me.

I had already been through the doctors with these issues and had treated the symptoms but never the cause.

Emmie gently and patiently guided me through my plan and ive seen remarkable changes in my health. I’m forever grateful to Emmie for all she has taught me . My sessions were personal, insightful and very comfortable.
I would 100 per cent recommend Emmie
5 stars

Rachael, 47, June 2022
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

Emmie is an amazing Belief Coding facilitator who helped me process a very tricky family situation where boundaries needed to be put into place. Emmie held the most beautiful space for me throughout the whole session whilst guiding me with her wise words and gentle voice. I managed to put these boundaries into place that very same evening and felt like a whole load of weight had been lifted from my shoulders, I would highly recommend Emmie if you have discomforts that you would like to release as she certainly has this healing modality down to a T.

Zillah, 39, April 2022
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

thank you so much for my session last night. You are a natural and I can’t believe the effects I’m feeling already.

I’ve had such a lovely day with my kids, no feelings of stress at all. I haven’t felt wound up by the things that triggered me before. The moments when I would have usually felt overwhelmed and responded with a slightly strained voice, my words have left my mouth calmly as if somebody else is speaking them. It has been a very strange feeling but also wonderful to just enjoy every moment.

I’ve also tried to place myself in a memory of how I would have reacted before and I just can’t visualise the moments or even feel those emotions. As soon as I get close it’s like it just melts away. I haven’t felt the need for my own quiet space by late afternoon. It’s just been a really lovely day. I hope that makes sense, I’m finding it difficult to put it into words xx

It’s a very odd feeling but a really nice one, I feel like I’m saying and feeling like the person I have really wanted to be all these years but struggled to find. Thank you, thank you x

Lyn, 59, May 2022
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

It should be me saying thank you to you! Very interesting what came up too. Thank you for the session – appreciate it (and your time).

Alex, 29, May 2022
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

Thank-you Emmie for the wonderful and enlightening session we had this morning. I can’t believe that I’ve had such big shifts so quickly without having to rake over painful stuff. You are such a calm presence and made the session feel a well held space to work in. I even managed a nap this afternoon! x

Christy, 39, August 2022
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

Emmie’s belief coding sessions completely transformed my life for the better.. Emmie is a very magical and gifted healer.. I loved working with her during our zoom sessions as I felt totally at ease and safe in her presence and was able to code in new beliefs to fix my low self-esteem issues as well as a serious case of emotional binge eating.. both of which I didn’t think I would ever be able to overcome. I’ll be eternally grateful for the wonderful work Emmie has done and will continue to do for humanity.. thank you.  

Kristina, 48, August 2022
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

I worked with Emmie for a Mind Navigation on some really deeply connected issues I had around feeling very stuck in my life and in my business, and as a coach I wanted to be more in tune with my intuition.

We had a lot of amazing sessions which were so powerful that I felt shifts happening as we went along and I saw this in my actions that I was taking. Emmie is so knowledgeable and even though I went to her for Mind Navigation, she is very generous and kind with her time and knowledge around everything else. Like she says, everything is connected. I am so very grateful that I have found Hummingbird Naturopath and will be working again with Emmie xxx

Fiona, 71, January 2023
Belief Coding® & ThetaHealing

I worked with Emmie on a course of Mind Navigation in January having previously had a Belief Coding session before Christmas. I had a lot of things which all seemed to be related to the one underlying belief of not being worthy of love. I wanted to work on finding a romantic relationship, however once the sessions started it was amazing how so many other things in my life were attached to the same thing. Emmie was very calm, patient and has a very perceptive intuition and seems to be able to make sense of everything. I thought it was going to be really upsetting to re visit some old trauma from childhood but it was actually very liberating and I felt calm and lighter after each session. I loved creating my new beliefs and the best bit is that 4 months later I met my new partner and am really over the moon. I can’t recommend Emmie enough xx

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